Monday, April 9, 2012

Fastway "Eat Dog, Eat" Album Cover

Front Cover
JAMES - Oh man, I've been waiting to show this one off for quite awhile. Back in November 2010 I was contacted by none other than Fast Eddie Clarke, original guitarist of Motörhead and Fastway, and producer Toby Jepson to make some art for the first new Fastway album since 1990. The original Fastway album (1983) was a mainstay in my tapedeck back in the day, not to mention my Motörhead LP's, so this was pretty awesome to hear from these dudes, to say the least. 
Back Cover
We had some really fruitful beginning conversations about the album itself, the music they were writing for it, what kind of tone they were setting and how it would pertain to the artwork. Hard to find people so open to collaboration, and after those opening pow-wows, I headed to my drawing desk truly inspired to do a bunch of sketching and let the ideas flow.

Here is a little rundown of my process for creating the artwork from start to finish:

Starting off with pages and pages of pencil sketches.
Final sketch submitted for the front cover...
...and for the back cover.
Final ink drawings - brush and india ink on clear vellum.
Lots and lots of lettering. Logos done with charcoal; song titles done with  Chinese food take-out chopsticks dipped in black paint.
Close up of song title lettering, carefully drawn with chopsticks and paint.
Using Photoshop to piece it all together, apply color and all final details.
The final packaging!

The artwork has since been done for probably about a year now, as has the recording - but y'know, getting a record out there takes time. The album was released in their native UK and parts of the EU back in November 2011, and it will be released here in the US tomorrow April 10. 

The reviews have been pretty stellar so far - and I'm pretty stoked about it, it's an absolute gem! Check it out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or what have you.