Monday, March 12, 2012

Brouwerij West "Tripel" Beer Label

JAMES - I've recently had the great pleasure of creating some beer label artwork for Brouwerij West (pronounced "brewery" west) out in Southern California. This is the first one, for their "Tripel" beer - so excited to finally show it off.

Brouwerij West is a small brewery run by Brian Mercer, and they specialize in authentic Belgian beer brewing. They have a few varieties available on tap at the best watering holes in Southern Cali, but "Tripel" is the first variety that's available bottled. It's now available on the shelves at Whole Foods and other fine stores out West.

As for the artwork, I wanted to play with the idea of threes, being that it's named "Tripel" - and I've always loved those Russian matryoshka dolls (the ones that open to reveal smaller dolls inside), so I came up with this scene of a face within a face within a face. All black ink work with grey tones and a touch of Aqua in her eyes. I'm pretty psyched with how it came out. The paper that the labels are printed on has a really awesome satin/matte finish, and the bottles themselves are a traditional German style. 

One of the coolest aspects of this and all their upcoming labels is that they are all limited editions. This batch of "Tripel" was bottled and labeled as an edition of 6500 - so when they're gone, they're gone. Then a new label will take it's place. Pretty neat idea. 

I've already finished another label for them for another variety, which should be out soon - as well as some really cool coasters. Stay tuned and I'll post all that art as soon as they're available. In the meantime, grab a few of these bottles while they're still around. It's really good stuff. The official description of the beer says: 

"Our Tripel pours a hazy deep gold with a creamy head. Upfront aromas of fresh plums, orange, white flowers and a hint of hay evolve into aromas of caramel malt and cola as the glass warms. A very balanced flavor profile and a creamy mouthfeel lead into a light malt sweetness with a final transition into a hint of warming alcohol and soft drying bitterness."