Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mother Nature's Son

JAMES - Ok, so this is a new print that I'm really excited about, and I thought I'd offer a little look into the process of the creation of it. 

The print is a part of the show "Every Mistake: Art Inspired by Beatles Lyrics" at the new Blank Space Gallery in Milford, CT, which opens this Friday night, January 20. Oh, and the first 40 people to enter the show, and the first 10 people to purchase $100 or more, will get a free print that I made (also Beatles inspired, of course). Details for the show are here:

Now, on to the process. This one is pretty involved, using some new techniques I've been working on, so I'll spare you the boring bits and mostly let the pictures do the talking.

I chose "Mother Nature's Son" since it's one of my very favorite Beatles songs (Paul, baby!) - and sparks such beautiful imagery in my imagination. 

It all starts with a sketch, as always. But instead of this being just a big ole' drawing, it's really gonna wind up being a little world that I create out of construction paper and cardboard and stuff - so the sketch is just a reference for where everything should eventually wind up.

Then I made the model of the little world. It took forever, but lots of fun getting busy with the scissors. I made the model modular, so that each plane could be removed and photographed separately. This helped tremendously later on.

Then it was time to photograph it. I set up some lights, picked a lens, and snapped away.

This is what the final photo looked like in Photoshop.

Next I needed to draw the Mother Nature's Son, and all his little animal friends - as well as the lettering for the lyric quote at the top. Lots of revisions, as you can see.

Once I got all the drawings the way I wanted them, I scanned them into the computer and began to combine them with the photograph. This is a Photoshop screen-shot from when I was putting it together. 

From here I made all the color separations to make a 9-color screen print. Films were made, screens were burned, ink was squeegee'd, and after what seemed like forever, the final screen prints were done. Here are some close-ups of the prints:

It's an 18" x 24" Nine-Color Screen Print, on 100lb White French Paper, a Signed & Numbered Edition of 85. They'll be available for sale at the show exclusively until January 27, in which case any remaining copies will be sold online. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter to keep up on them.

Thanks for reading (and listening, below)!

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