Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whole Lotta New Stuff!

There's A World Awake Outside
Kevin Devine @ Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA.
18"x24" Seven Color Screen Print. Edition of 125.
$20 each. 
At Dawning (The Remix)
18" x 24" Five Color Screen Print. Edition of 80.
$25 each.
The Swing, The Soul, The Truth
Set of 3 Prints. 8"x10" each, Two Color Screen Prints
(with Glow in the Dark Accents). Editions of 75 each.
$25 for Full Set of 3.
Full Bloom
Alexander and Fam (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros)
18" x 24" Three Color Screen Print. Edition of 175.
$20 each.
Knuckle Sandwich (The Remix)
8"x10" Three Color Screen Print (including Glow in the Dark body).
Edition of 70.
$10 each.
JAMES - Well now, here's a ton of new stuff - I've been a busy beaver, and figured I'd drop all these at once. They are all available right now in my store: www.jamesflames.com/store.html

I have brand new posters for Kevin Devine's recent residency at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and for Alexander and Fam (the "Fam" is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) who recently played a series of shows in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Washington D.C.

Also, I've got a couple of remixes - redesigns of a couple of popular sold-out posters that people ask about all the time. Some new color tones, newly drawn details, and even some Glow in the Dark stuff. At Dawning (The Remix) and Knuckle Sandwich (The Remix) are hot to trot.

Finally, I have a mini-print triptych - three 8x10's with Glow in the Dark accents. The Swing, The Soul, The Truth is my homage to all the legendary players who have passed on.

Here are some close-ups and stuff:

All available here: www.jamesflames.com/store.html

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