Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Eraser

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JAMES - My Mogwai posters are now available through my site:

So psyched to make something for this band - they've kept me alive at 2am many a long night. So killer. This poster was for the Pittsburgh show on April 27 during their current trip to the US. It's a s7even-color screen print, including a Metallic Gold that I used as a finishing touch. 18" x 24" full bleed, on 100lb White French Paper, Edition of 100, signed & numbered. They're 20 clams each. Here's a close-up scan:

I was tweeting the printing session as I was making these. Below are the shots of each color as they were printed and tweeteded (the first four colors were done on day 1, the last three colors the next day). If you're on Twitter, follow me @thejamesflames.

Light Grey




Dark Grey


Metallic Gold

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