Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fever Dreaming

JAMES - My latest is a poster for No Age, for their show this past Saturday at the Grey Eagle here in Asheville. The show was awesome - they totally killed. There was a crazy video/light show projection on them, and they closed with a Black Flag cover of "Six Pack". Pretty badass. They're way cool dudes too - it was a great night.

The poster itself is inspired by their song "Fever Dreaming", and it's a 6-color screenprint. The ones that I have left from the show are now available on my site for 20 clams each: - and they have a little Glow-in-the-Dark action too. Here's a little about the process of making them:

Original Sketch

I started with a real simple sketch - I've had this idea of a dude throwing up his own brains for awhile now, but after listening to their new album "Everything In Between", and especially the song "Fever Dreaming", I thought that word balloons would work even better.

Ink Drawings

I drew the main dude twice - once with a marker (on the left) and once with a brush (on the right). They both had cool and different aspects to them, especially the way the line quality affected the flow, so instead of choosing one or the other, I scanned them both into Photoshop and composited the two into one crazy drawing.

Word Balloon Cut-Outs

I wanted the rest of the image to be made with all cut-outs. Similar to some of my previous posters, I wanted to photograph the cut outs and incorporate the natural shadows they create into the poster. In order to get a true sense of shadows and layering, I cut each word balloon separately, then stacked them on top of each other. The photo above shows all the individual cut-outs.

Lettering Cut-Outs

Then, to cut out the lettering. This took forever, but it came out way cool. When I brought the lettering cut-out photo into Photoshop, I loved the jagged edges of the lettering, but the shadows they created started to make the whole thing a little muddy. So I kinda just used the letters straight, no shadow. Coulda saved me time if I new that before-hand, but it was worth a shot.

Detail Shot

I screen printed these as 6 colors over two days.


And here's a taste of how the Glow-in-the-Dark looks. It's not super strong - there's alot of color underneath the "Glowy" bits, so it's a bit muted - but it's cool enough, for sure.

6-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 100lb Sweet Tooth French paper, 

edition of 100, signed and numbered

They're available now in my store - $20 each. Thanks for reading! Lots more to come very soon - I'm cookin' baby!

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thomas pitilli said...

This came out great! You're crazy cutting all that stuff out! it was totally worth it though. The glow in the dark affect is super neat too!