Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sight Beyond Sight!

JAMES - Fair warning: if you ask me to make a poster for a metal show, you're gonna get Metal, with a capital METAL! These posters are now available in my store - www.jamesflames.com/store.html - get some. Ten points to the first person to name the reference of the title "Sight Beyond Sight."

Anyway, I was approached a couple months ago by the Orange Peel to make a poster for The Sword, and I couldn't wait to get started.

original concept sketch

Here's the original sketch - it's got the basic layout, and the concept of some skeleton having it's soul banished for eternity inside the sword. I knew it would be pretty intricate, so I just kinda suggested the little bits and lettering stuff.

developmental drawings

I drew like a million versions of the sword, trying to invent a unique weapon that honored traditional medieval style, but had some kind of futuristic vibe to it. The above photo shows most of the drawings - initially, I only drew half of the sword, to save time. Once I was settled on the different parts and all the shading, I then drew the other side according what was established.

final ink drawing

The final ink drawing was done with my trusty #2 Windsor & Newton brush and Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star ink. I used some white ink for extra detail. The blade of the sword, as well as the skeleton captured within it, was all drawn separately - all the pieces were assembled in Photoshop, and I outputted my films for printing straight from there.

detail shot

As you can see from the detail shot, there really was no room for registration errors, so I had to be on point the whole time. Four colors on Electric Red paper, printed by hand, and it came out perfectly.

4-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 100lb Electric Red French paper, edition of 85, signed and numbered

The original show date was cancelled (the band had cancelled their whole tour in October due to the drummer splitting), but the rescheduled date was this past Thursday, and they got to use the poster anyway, which is awesome. I have the remaining posters available now in my store - www.jamesflames.com - for $20 each.

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