Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Knuckle Sandwich

JAMES - It's always hard to choose, but I think this might be my favorite poster I made this year. After the success of last year's poster I made for them, Lucero contacted me about making a poster for their Fall Tour, most of which was in support of Social Distortion. I was fortunate enough to see the show when they came to Asheville, and holy crap - seriously killer show! Lucero just tore it up, and Social D... well, c'mon, what did you expect. Great night - I could just imagine that went on every night for like two months. Insane.

I have some of these available now in my store - www.jamesflames.com/store.html - there are two versions with slightly different colors and cities on them. Check it out, and get em while you can.

developmental drawings

This was all done a few months ago, so I can't remember exactly, but I think the basic idea came to me pretty quickly. But how to actually present it took some work. As usual, lots of sketching - working on the boxer's positioning, action, and anatomy. Those muscles had to be just right, but not overly detailed, since the eventual tattoos had to show through.

boxer sketchbook drawing

I finally did a treatment of the boxer in my sketchbook - here I was just finalizing the boxer himself. I liked this version so much, that instead of re-drawing it again, I just used the outline from this one as the final artwork.

final tattoo flash

But that was the easy part, cuz I still had to design, draw, and letter 30-something tattoos. Each of the tattoos has a different city on the tour, and I grouped multiple cities in a state or region when I could. The above photo is of the final drawings, which I did on vellum with a marker to mimic a single-needle tattoo style. In the photo it looks like I re-drew some of them on a separate sheet of vellum - can't remember why, but probably the perfectionist in me being all nitpicky.

detail shot (brown version)

detail shot (black version)

I screen printed these by hand - all 555 of them. Four colors each. That's like....2 million pulls or something. Give or take. They were done as two separate editions - the first 325 are with the Black outline and the cities from the first part of the tour, and the last 220 has the Brown outline and some of the city names are changed for the second leg of the tour. Like I said before, I couldn't be more proud of how they all came out.

Black Version, 4-color screenprint, 25"x19", on 100lb Kraft Speckletone French paper, edition of 325, signed and numbered

Brown Version, 4-color screenprint, 25"x19", on 100lb Kraft Speckletone French paper, edition of 220, signed and numbered

I have some available for sale of both versions - get them now in my store: www.jamesflames.com, $20 each. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned next week for my final two releases of the year!


Cameron Steward said...

This is superb nice! I even prefer the brown version...

John said...

Wow, what a cool poster! And what an ingenious way to present tour dates.. Bravo!