Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Night Is Ours, But The Sky Is Yours

JAMES - My newest release is this Blitzen Trapper poster from their show here in Asheville last week. The show was pretty great, these guys are in top form - and their vocal harmonies were freakin' amazing. Fruit Bats and Pearly Gate Music opened, both really impressive sets. Great night.

So I have some posters left from the show, and they're available on my site now, $20 each: www.jamesflames.com/store.html

Here's how I made it:

This all actually started one day as I was sitting on the beach, relaxed as could be, eyes closed, and the image came outta nowhere. I knew I had a Blitzen Trapper poster coming up, so I guess it was in the recesses of my mind. I made a mental note, and then made a little tiny sketch when I got home. Same as the last time I did a poster for them (here's a link), I'm using the German translation of their name, Blitzen = Lightning, as the genesis for my concept. This time the figure in the poster is trapping lightning bugs.

The final artwork was done in pieces. I drew the grass with ink and brush. Starting from the top, I drew some blades of grass with black, then some white ink for detail, then the next layer down with black, then white, then next layer down and so on... Like 20 layers later my hand was crippled. But it looks pretty damn cool.

For the lettering, I've had this idea for awhile and I finally got to implement it. I got some small rope - I think it's cooking twine or something - and a big jar of glue. I spread some glue over the string and began to shape it into letters. As the glue dried, the letters kinda stayed put - though I still had to be careful. Photographed them and then into Photoshop for some trickery to incorporate it into the poster illustration.

As with my last print, "Here Comes Your Boyfriend..." (which I printed the same weekend as this one) I wanted to experiment with a slightly darker and muted palette. So the night sky and the grass tones are less 'electric' than my usual colors. The heavy detail of the rope lettering left me no room for sloppy registration, especially using six colors - the extra time I took to perfect it during the printing paid off, cuz it's pretty damn tight (the detail image above is a scan of the final print).

6-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 110lb Smart White French paper, edition of 100, signed and numbered

Now available at my website: www.jamesflames.com/store.html . Thanks for reading!


thomas pitilli said...

Great overall concept. That grass is killer and I love the rope lettering idea.

james flames said...

Thanks yo!