Monday, August 16, 2010

So Much To Say

JAMES - These guys still kill it.
So I got to do a Mission of Burma poster, and I damn well made the best of it. The show was amazing - they just tore through every song with absolute fire. The crowd was diggin' it, and I had a hell of a time. Oh, and the posters...they flew off the table.
The remaining posters are now available in my store, 20 bucks each.

A quick bit about the process on this one:

I knew I wanted some kind of skeleton. And I knew the style I wanted to draw it in. And I knew how I wanted to position the skeleton on the page, at that diagonal angle. But the rest was still a mystery. So I sketched what I knew, which is basically what you see above, and then hunkered down for some experimentation.

About ten different design options were thrown out before I came to the final image idea. Then the final drawings were done - the skeleton with a brush, the baloons and lettering with a marker. And then the final composition and colors, which you see in the detail shot below, was all done in photoshop. It's pretty simple, but it feels really big when it's staring right at you. And as a few folks remarked at the show, that black is deep as outer space. Awesome.

detail shot

3-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 110lb Smart White French paper, edition of 100, signed and numbered

Now available to purchase from my website, 20 clams each:
Thanks for reading!

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thomas pitilli said...

I saw this on your facebook page a while back and thought it looked awesome, I've been waiting for the post about it, great job! That black is really powerful.