Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deam Wareham plays Galaxie 500 (x2)

(Now That Enough Time Has Passed) It's Safe To Go Back Again

Hello Again / Goodbye Again

JAMES - I'm psyched to finally show off these two new posters. I've been a fan of Dean Wareham's music for as long as I can remember - Luna, Dean & Britta, and of course, the band that started it all, Galaxie 500. Dean's now doing some shows playing the old Galaxie 500 stuff, as he's backed by the Dean & Britta band. I had the privelege of doing the posters for last weekend's NYC and Philly shows (not to mention the opening band, Crystal Stilts!). These two posters are now available on my site - www.jamesflames.com/store.html - $20 each.

As usual, here's some words about my processes:
The ideas for these came about pretty naturally. For the NYC poster, I actually came up with the title first, and the image just kinda appeared on the page after a quick sketch. For the Philly show, I had just finished a sketchbook piece (which I've posted before here), and I thought this would be a great opportunity to bring it to life as a screen print.

finished inked lettering

I worked on both posters simultaneously - drawing, printing, the whole thing. But the styles for each one are totally different, especially in how I created them. The NYC poster was done pretty traditionally - I drew all the elements on paper with a brush, scanned them into the computer, and assembled everything together using photoshop. The lettering (pictured above) took a few tries to get it just right.

drawing directly on films

But for the Philly poster, I drew 95% of everything directly onto the films. My intention was for the final print to resemble a painting, so that the strokes look like they were painted with a brush rather than screen printed. The slight roughness of drawing onto the films directly helped to get that effect, as well as alot of overprinting (printing one color on top of another).

Printing the second color (green over red).

I also used a different type of paper than usual. French Paper makes some high quality stuff, and this time I used "Sweet Tooth" in their Poptone line. It's got a more pronounced texture that really adds another dimension to the prints.

detail shot

detail shot

4-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 100lb SweetTooth Poptone French paper, edition of 100, signed and numbered

6-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 100lb SweetTooth Poptone French paper, edition of 100, signed and numbered

Now available at my website - www.jamesflames.com/store.html - $20 each. Thanks for reading.


Andy said...

Very lovely work and thanks for the peek at the creative process! I've posted about them on A Head Full of Wishes.

baker said...

Really stellar work here James.