Friday, May 7, 2010


JAMES - Last Friday was the Beach House show at the Grey Eagle, here in Asheville - Washed Out opened, he was totally great, and Beach House brought the house down. And man the place was PACKED! I was selling these posters at the show, and it's a good thing I brought more than usual, cuz I sold every one I had with me. I did put some aside before the show, though, and starting today those are on sale through my website -

Here's a little about my process in making these:

This started as a sketch in Photoshop, and as you can see, the background color was supposed to be Blue. But when it came time to choose paper, and I saw that Purple paper, I couldn't resist.

Here's a shot of my drawing desk with a few of the individual elements which I drew separately and scanned them in...

...and for this poster, I used Adobe Illustrator to turn all the marker drawings into vector images. No 'Live Trace', I just did it by hand, one bit at a time, to make it perfect.

Then everything was put into Photoshop so I could figure out the colors and placement and all that stuff.

And then before printing, I did some color tests - mostly to figure out how transparent I could make my Whites (there are two layers of White on the final print), and if the Red would read well over the Purple paper (it did).

This is the Video I posted previously of the printing process.

detail shot

4-color screenprint, 19"x25", on 100lb Grape Jelly French paper, edition of 75

As I said, there aren't many of these left - so go on over to my website and pick one up:

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