Tuesday, March 23, 2010


JAMES - Earlier this year I finished this Album Cover of "Moonscapes" for the band Dangermuffin. They just had their CD Release show, which looked to be a great success. I just got my copy in the mail, and man, it looks really sweet.

I used a bunch of different techniques on this - charcoal, pencils, markers, and lots of Photoshop stuff. Which was really freeing. I was working on so many projects at the same time as this, and they all were for screen print stuff. So I was in a real "use less than 4 colors" mode. This was my relief from that - getting to expand my palette, utilize texture more - but still making sure it reads simply, like the screen prints.

Those three guys sitting on the beach are the guys in the band - they're totally great guys, and thier album's real good. Check it out.


H. Stewart said...

looks really neat, congrats. Nothing like seeing your work "in print" (especially when somebody else prints it!)

thomas pitilli said...

I love the way the whole thing turned out. Even though you used Photoshop on this one, I think all that screenprinting has influenced your work so that even the Photoshop has this real organic, printlike quality. Great job.