Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anatomically Correct




JAMES - This month I'm proud to be a part of the "Anatomically Correct" group show at Miss Scarlet in the Parlor Gallery in Los Angeles. Eliza Frye, who runs the gallery, is one of my favorite artists and it's a pleasure to show my work alongside hers. And the other artists did not dissappoint, either. Some great stuff all around.

I spent the better part of February working on these, and in the end, I'm very proud of what came out. They were conceived individually, though they do work as a sequential narrative, too. All three are 22" x 30" on Somerset Velvet paper, using India Ink, Acrylic Paint, and Enamel Paint. I made good use of some glittery-metallic colors on the face and flower petals of "Awakening", as well as the labia parts of the butterfly on "Arousal". And the tattoo that our friend Bones is getting in "Activation" is inspired heavily by the real-life ink of none other than Tom Pitilli. Word up bro!

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the opening on February 20th, but I heard it was a great success. Eliza posted photos and videos of the night here:

My three pieces are for sale and will be on display at Miss Scarlet in the Parlor until March 20th, so if you're in the L.A. area, please go check it all out. If you're like me and don't live near L.A., you can still purchase the originals through the gallery at this link here.


alex fine illustration said...

All 3 turned out great. I like the progression of black and white to one color to multi color. The design of the arousal painting is really strong.

thomas pitilli said...

I knew that tattoo looked familiar! haha. Yeah man, I checked these out last week on your site and they look awesome. I know you really wanted to do these big and in the end, it's a good thing you did, 'cause they look really impressive! 'Arousal' is probably my favorite one, really bold and sharp! Great job all around and the video was real cool too. California!

james flames said...

Thanks guys!