Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh, Drella

JAMES - This latest poster is for the Black Lips show from last week here in Asheville. I was psyched to see that these guys were coming to town - and I tried out some new ideas with this one that would graphically relate to the band and their sound.

I do remember that the beginning of this idea was done in my sketchbook, really really small - nothing worth scanning. But this here is the final sketch I did straight in Photoshop, in which i decided how the colors and composition would work out. (oooh, "composition"...hahaha)

These drawings were done separately, and rather small. The faces were done with brush/ink and the lettering was all done with a marker. I'm really digging this font style I've been developing slowly over the past few months - and I think it fits in with the 'garage-psych-60's' aspect of the band.

This was the final color separation guide - again, I'm making use of the overlap to create a third color. Notice there's no mention of the band-name's lettering....

...that's because after they were screen-printed, I made a stencil and spraypainted the name on each poster individually. The stencil was carved out of regular old matte board, which is thick and sturdy and not too impossible to cut through. To reinforce the really thin little parts (especially knowing this would be used over 70 times) I super-glued toothpicks onto those parts, which worked really well. Also, to make sure the stencil stayed flush with the paper as I sprayed, I glued metal 'fishing sinkers', which are small, dense and heavy - and these also worked like a charm (click the photo to see these parts a little better). I set up a small rig so the paper underneath would have a consistant position, and went outside with some spray cans and a tarp and a face mask.

I took this photo during the spraying with my phone's really shitty camera. And I got my thumb in the picture, to boot. But you get the idea of what the set-up was like.

detail shot

Yellow Lettering: 2-color screenprint + yellow spraypaint, 20"x26", on 100lb. Cougar Natural paper, edition of 45

Hot Pink Lettering Variant: 2-color screenprint + hot pink spraypaint, 20"x26", on 100lb. Cougar Natural paper, edition of 15

Metallic Gold Lettering: 2-color screenprint + metallic gold spraypaint, 20"x26", on 100lb. Cougar Natural paper, edition of 10

I decided to do three different colors for the lettering - the Yellow being the main one (edition of 45), with the Hot Pink (edition of 15) and Metallic Gold (edition of only 10) as the variants. They all came out super great, exactly how I had hoped. The actual show was so fantastic, the Lips brought the house down, and the opening band Turbo Fruits were really great too. I brought one each of the Hot Pink and Gold versions, and those sold right away - the rest I brought were the Yellows and they almost completely sold out at the show. There are still some available of all three, and you can get them in my store on my website.


thomas pitilli said...

Looks awesome. Your fonts always amaze me. Balsy move with the spray paint, but it totally worked out!

Nate Mulliken said...

James I just received my prints, what a great surprise. Thanks for all the prints. I really like seeing this process stuff, like the toothpick and weight ideas, great solution.