Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Salt Of The Earth

JAMES - I was contacted by a local promoter to do this poster for the roots-reggae band Groundation. Joel was a great guy to work with, and after doing some research on the band, he and I found common ground on a concept for this poster rather quickly.

original sketch

This was the keeper of the two sketches I submitted. We knew right off the bat that these would be a two-color screen print, so I decided to use varying degrees of each of the two colors to create a more dynamic illustration.

The main drawing was done at about 1/3 the actual size of the final poster - india ink, with a #2 brush on bristol paper. I drew the rest of the figure (the upper arms, neckline, and dreadlocks) on a separate sheet of paper using some markers that were almost out of ink. This was on purpose, to give the dreads texture and to kind-of "blur" the background elements to create depth against the sharpness of the line drawing.

detail shot

The varying shades of each of the two colors was done in photoshop, and gets represented as halftone on the final print.

2-color screenprint, full-bleed 18"x24", on 100lb. Cougar Natural paper, edition of 55

As always, these were printed by Nick at The Half and Half - they look fantastic in person. Joel mentioned how successfull the show was, and he sold out the posters that he brought to the show with him. Awesome! I have 5 remaining prints up for sale at or through my website - these are the last 5, so get them while you can. Click here to buy.


alex fine illustration said...

Looks great as usual. The concept really goes with the band and the color is perfect. I always feel like I need to step it up with my own posters every time I see yours.

james flames said...

that means alot to me alex, as i'm a huge admirer of yours. thanks alot man.

thomas pitilli said...

I feel lucky, I got your in person step by step of this one! Great color, the print job looks great, too!

Edwin Vazquez said...

Cool! I first thought the tree was a nuclear mushroom cloud... I still am going to send you a package of prints and stuff... I'm just settling into my new apartment...

Anonymous said...

Hey man, im keen to buy one.
Where can i get one?