Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Rose

JAMES - another Local Showcase poster for the Orange Peel here in Asheville. since this show was only 3 days after the Jay Reatard show, i knew both posters would be all over town, together. i did want to try to keep going with the re-direction that the Jay Reatard poster was going in - but it had to look somewhat different so that the two posters didn't meld together and lose their advertising power, and also the bands for this show were much more tame than Jay, so the subject matter couldn't really be too off the wall.

detail shot

originally, it was really just the snake skeleton and the clouds - the rest of the room i'd leave for the band names and show info. but i realized that it was probably too heavy and dark of a concept for these bands, which are mostly country/rockabilly/blugrass. so i added the rose, which evened everything out - it represented the "life" where the snake represented "death".
the clouds were really fun, and i used one of my favorite techniques - splattering ink with an old toothbrush - to get the textured effect on them. and it really came in handy for giving depth to the rose. i used an old piece of tracing paper to make the mask so that i didn't splatter all over the rose, snake, and the borders.

the illustration itself is all hand-done - mostly #2 brush, then a marker for all the skeleton parts, and of course the toothbrush. then i drew the lettering on a separate sheet of paper (vellum, actually) and put the two together in photoshop.


alex fine illustration said...

The detail in the skeleton is very impressive.

thomas pitilli said...

Wasn't able to catch up on all yr recent posts as they were posted, but this one is nice, I like the splattering effect. I'm working on a poster now and I'm going to go with adding the lettering separately also.