Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Rebel

JAMES - this one is another poster for a Local Showcase show at the Orange Peel. as usual, i first went and listened to tunes from each of the bands. i'm already familiar with the Broomstars, cool band that i've seen a few times - they put on a great show - but the other two bands are pretty dope too. i let the tunes play while i sketched, and i came up with two strong ideas - one being a little more abstract and weird, and another being more straightforward and eyecatching. i went with the latter, and started to develop it.

i really wanted the pose to feel right - i wanted the shifting weight in the waist and the motion of the hands to be felt when you look at it. so kendra took a couple of photos while i posed, in my best 'fonzie' pose, and i used it for a reference. i wasn't able to get my body to do the exact things i wanted, but it worked as a starting point and i exagerrated as i drew.

detail shot
the whole thing was done mostly with my brand new #2 brush from Rosemary & Co. i read a few reviews of these brushes and i couldn't believe how reasonably priced they are, especially being handmade and imported from the UK. so i ordered a bunch of different kinds, and though i haven't gotten to really get to know all of them yet, i think i really feel comfortable with the Kolinsky Sable SER33 series #2. i can't recommend it enough - check it out.

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Eliza Frye said...

Really swell James!