Friday, February 20, 2009

Yellow Snow

JAMES - another show i'm looking forward too - Blitzen Trapper at the Orange Peel. here's the last of the latest series of three new screen prints, also printed by the Half and Half, and all completed in January '09. again, one main goal was to avoid using black. a unique goal in this one was to utilize halftone to get the most variety out of one color (in this case blue). the final goal was to continue to feel less 'guilty' using photoshop in the actual composition, instead of just a final step to completion.


most of all the sketches i came up with were done straight in photoshop, to mold the poster out of the colors, then compose with that. after getting frustrated, i buckled down with some research: blitzen means 'lightning' in German (and the reindeer Donner's name means 'thunder'). i applied that to a quick pencil sketch of a forest scene, and the rest just fell into place. the final sketch is straight up photoshop.

the actual snowy forest scene was done as an ink wash on watercolor paper. the texture of the paper and the variations created by the wash were essential to get the halftone just the way i wanted on the final print.

detail shot

i scanned in the illustration and the rest is all photoshop. the lightning bolt is vector, the gin trap was drawn in with the wacom, the lettering was done with me liberally tracing a font - also with the wacom. the lightning splatter was done on paper with a toothbrush and then scanned into the computer.

2-color screenprint, 20"x26", edition of 75

once again, Nick and the guys at Half and Half did such an amazing job. i actually sent the files to them as greyscale, and they outputted the halftones there (55lpi at 720dpi). that really made the forest look amazing on the finished print, i'm so happy with it. they'll be for sale at the show - see you there!

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