Thursday, February 12, 2009

Outta Harm's Way

JAMES - this is gonna be a great show, i can't wait. again, with this one, i knew it was gonna end up screen printed (again by the Half and Half), so i wanted to compose something that takes advantage of that format. i came up with a couple of ideas, and after going over it with Tom thru email, i realized which one i should work with.

original Photoshop sketch

i settled on colors (somewhat similar to the Trail of Dead poster, though darker), and i wanted the overlapped colors to make a third, darker color. close to black. as i was developing the final piece, one main issue was making it look like a frikkin sea splitting. do i make it split from the top, or do i make it splash from the bottom? i went and read some old comics, then sat and drew the waves on vellum, with black ink and brush. the other main issue was i wanted to make it clear that it was some nefarious character that was splitting the sea, not moses or something.

i figured a way to show the devil's horns, i made the arms bigger, and i wanted to give them a long shadow that would really place them far above the waves. i coulda drawn it, but i thought it'd be cooler to made a 3-D cutout of the devil and photograph it and it's shadow.
so then in photoshop i combined the drawing of the sea splitting, the photo of the devil and his shadow, and i drew the letters and lots of little special effects directly in photoshop.

detail shot

right before it went to the printers, i turned everything into halftone, so that i could print all the blends and shadows convincingly. the Half and Half did the printing, and after the two colors were done we decided that the overlapped colors just didn't create a dark enough color for the devil and the crown/sunglasses. so we decided to put one more screen ontop - black. like i said in the last post, i wanted to avoid using black, just a personal test. but i think it really brought this home. thanks Nick!

3-color screenprint, 20"x26", edition of 75

they'll be available for sale at the show. see you then.


Edwin Vazquez said...

I like the 3-D effect...

thomas pitilli said...

Very nice to see how this finally turned out. I also really like the 3-D effect, I know you've been talking about expierimenting with that for a while and it's cool you were able to apply it to a poster. By the way, I saw the trail of dead poster at Brian's and I TOTALLY want one, super nice printing job. If you have any left after the show, hook me up, kid!

james flames said...

thanks guys! and yeah tom, i'll totally save you one.

bigbugbug000 said...

I am an art student at the London College of Communication. We've been given a sort of gig-poster project..While researching I came across your blog and I think I've opened this page everyday ever since to see if you've put up any new work..

You're an inspiration!!
Great work..!!

James said...

that's a tremendous compliment, bigbug - i truly appreciate it.

hope to see some of your stuff someday!
thanks again.