Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Moon Belongs To Everyone

JAMES - the latest Local Showcase at the Orange Peel poster. from what i listened to, the bands had a kinda hippy-jammie type feel, so i went a little psychadelic on this one. i was actually 3/4 of the way into a completely different design when i took a break to do a little freeform sketching. the sketch was way more appropriate for the show than what i was already working on, so i ditched it and refined the sketch to what you see above (and below).

the final drawing was done on vellum paper with a brush for the finesse-y parts, and marker for the big ol' fill-ins. red was all marker. the vellum i just got is from a pad, it's the Pearl Paint house brand. it's pretty weak, curls waay too easily. tho it was relatively cheap and is still better than tracing paper, i'm gonna get more of the good stuff (on a roll, at the local paper store in Asheville) for my future "finals". still, it's better than tracing paper, and more convenient than bristol.

ah convenience, you sneaky bastard. the moon belongs to everyone.

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thomas pitilli said...

Yo, that's the moon on acid! Yeah, i saw this on their myspace, and wasn't sure if i was you or not. Fo a hippy-jammy band, I think this works well.