Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tiger On The Doghouse

JAMES - a new poster for the Orange Peel. the bands are pretty country-western, and when i came up with the tiger , i thought it was real cool, but wasn't sure if it'd work for a country group. but i was also trying to solve the problem of what to do with the dark area on the right side, and so adding the upright bass and making the claw marks be the strings solved both problems. the tattered ribbon with a scrawled serif lettering was the clincher.
i did a pencil drawing, at full size 11x7, and then inked it on two layers of very nice, smooth, translucent vellum (one layer for the tiger, one layer for the ribbon and lettering). all with the usual #2 Raphael brush, Black Star india ink, and a Japanese Nikko G nib for the lettering. the lines come out just so smooth on the vellum - this may become an obsession.

detail shot

originally, the poster was commissioned as black & White, but i felt like the introduction of color, especially the 3-D magenta/cyan colors, made it alot more eye-fetching. if you have 3-d glasses, enlarge the top image and try it out. totally works.


thomas pitilli said...

I think the 3D effect is cool, but personally I like the black and white version better.I think the contrast is really important, and the color version lacks that a bit. Also, the upright bass isn't clear, I didn't see it 'till you said something. With that being said, I think it still works because it just reads as claw marks. Nice lettering too.

james flames said...

in all honesty, i didn't necessarily want it to be so clear and obvious. the 3-d effect is an afterthought, in fact - i chose those two colors cuz they contrast really heavily, again to obscure the concept. i guess i was just playing with ways to attract attention, not necessarily with subject matter, but with form. then, once i have your attention, you have to figure out the rest.

yeah, it's a bit of a departure, since my stuff is usually so literal. but i gave them both versions anyway, cuz i think the B/W version is quite literal (tiger, bass, claws, ribbon, band names - done).

but thanks, good feedback. i guess i'm just tryin' stuff, see what sticks.