Sunday, July 13, 2008

Allegiances Lie

JAMES - our good buddy Brian Bonz contacted me recently about doing a poster for a tour he's going on with Jesse Lacey of Brand New, as well as Kevin Devine and amazing guitarist Mike Strandberg backing them all up. brooklyn represent! and i'm glad i got the opportunity to do it, cuz i'm truly proud of what came out of it. a little more 'conceptual' than my usual stuff (which i guess is usually more blunt) - it allowed me to take some things in my life and put them in a perspective that really settled me down, eased me. and the double meaning of the title has alot to do with it all. it was also a chance to do some really fun 'flame' lettering, which i realized i don't do often enough (especially considering my name), as well as continuing to incorporate a grey tone (a soft pencil rubbed in with my finger to even the tone), in addition to the black & white. i realize the risk in overusing greys, especially in this format, but the concept loses alot without the grey.

Jesse and the guys liked it so much, they asked to make it into a t-shirt. so i adjusted the design, and replaced the grey with a halftone to accomodate the silkscreen printers. this image will be the front, and for the back, i rearranged the lettering and the big text panel with the tour dates. can't wait to see it. have a great time on tour fellas!

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thomas pitilli said...

Sorry for such a delayed response, I've been a little out of the loop lately.
I too am diggin the flame lettering. In a way though, I kinda like the simplified t shirt version better, much more graphic. I'd rock that. Maybe Brian could hook us up with some...