Monday, May 19, 2008

R.I.P. Sketchbook

JAMES - that sketchbook i've been using since the fall...the one with the shitty paper...the one with a TON of pages...well, it's finally all used up. there're alot of great ideas in there, but i'm very happy to move onto my new book which happens to have GREAT paper. anyway, before it goes on the shelf, here's a little R.I.P. send-off of some of the better pages that haven't already been posted.
"Jesus Hits Like The Trouble Bomb" September 30, '07

"Octopus" October 11, '07

"Squirt" October 20, '07

ink warmup January 12, '08

ink warmup February 11, '08

ink warmup February 18, '08


thomas pitilli said...

I remember all of these, except for the "Jesus" one. That one has an interesting compostion, and works nice as like a print or something. My favorite is the weird rooster/chicken character jerking off. Very Looney Tunes.

Jon Sperry said...
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james flames said...

thanks alot guys. jon, this is the book i have -
it's a german company, but i got it at NY Central. i have the 8x11 (it's really like 11.25x8.25). perfect for what i need. what'd you get?

Jon Sperry said...

well my options are severely limited here in town, but i managed to find something with a decent paper weight and texture. i think its 70 lb. Its kind of generic black cover thing, but its been good for sitting and bed and sketching out ideas. Since I've been working at a print shop, I get a lot of the leftover 'nice' paper for 'free'. They had a leftover stack of 13x19 bristol-like paper that I can do inking on, which should last me a while.