Friday, May 2, 2008

Flame Killahs

JAMES - i know i skipped posting the April '08 Bold Life cover. it wasn't anything special - i'll put up a quickie post soon. this month had a fun premise: the Asheville Firefighter Challenge. instead of picturing the event itself, which i think would be a little confusing as an illustration, i decided to go with showing the heroics of their profession.

the second sketch won, mainly because of the "cute" dog. and i thought it was a good choice, tho i knew the first thing i'd need to do is change that hose nozzle. these Bold Life covers do have to stay kinda PG.

as i've been doing for the most recent covers, i did this at actual size - 11x12.75 on bristol. i realize the proportion of the male firefighter is a little off, his head could be a little smaller - and i know i coulda drawn him a little better. but i think the female firefighter and the dalmation came out awesome. i also knew i was going to try out some new photoshop tricks, so i drew the water with a soft pencil, smudged it out, then went over it with a white-out pen.

detail shot
this is the first time that i feel photoshop was integrated seemlessly into my artwork. i really went to town on the coloring and used alot of new things i learned. i left the texture of the bristol paper in it, and i really tried to be efficient with my use of blue against orange/red, and also the brite-limey-yellow.

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thomas pitilli said...

Really good work. That water really feels like water and you got across the weight of the hose along with the impact of the blast really well. I like all the subtle action lines that you used like the dog running and the girl turning her head. I agree that the guy looks a little out of proportion, but you kept the proportion the same with the girl, so it just looks like a stylistic thing than a mistake. Sick color.