Monday, April 28, 2008


detail shot

JAMES - this is a poster i did this month. a local band here, Sirius.B, contacted me and basically wanted a straight up poster of a husky or wolf, in a similar composition to the 'British Invasion' Bold Life cover i did, especially in terms of the extreme negative space. "are you sure you don't want blood dripping from his eyeballs?" "no." "how about if the wolf was covered with killer inesects and his fangs had hands coming out them?" "no."
i tried. but really, they were just looking for an intense, but not insane, look on a husky. kinda coming at you like. did a bunch of sketches of the pose and angle of him, and the lettering. they decided to not show too much body, and have the head coming around from the lower right corner looking out at you.

the inks were fun. mad fun. i feel more comfortable than ever with the brush, and so this was great to put alot of cool techniques together and rock out. just #2 brush and black star ink on 11x7 bristol. and then photoshop for all the fancies. i used the momentum i got from inking and coloring this piece to really attack the things i did immediately after (which were "Mister Potato Head", "Anyplace Else", and the new Bold Life cover, which i'll post next).

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thomas pitilli said...

The detail work on the wolf is amazing, really great brush work, it really looks like you had fun inking it. You got a really nice soft look with the colors too, a different feel than yr other photoshop stuff. If I had one complaint, I would want to see the wolf at a more dynamic angle, and I'm sure if the band wasn't art directing, your original ideas would have made for a much more exciting compositon. On the other hand, I think you worked well with what was given to you. The detail shot works really nice as an illustration on it's own.