Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mister Potato Head, And A Bucket Of Fun

"Mister Potato Head, And A Bucket Of Fun"
11x17, pencil, watercolor, acrylic and ink on bristol

JAMES - got alot to catch up on here - start with this new one. i needed two new illustartions that i just submitted to a local show here.
well, i needed two pieces; i wanted two NEW pieces. and it turns out that my favorite band the Spider Bags were looking for a tour poster, so i could use one of them for those guys too. it was a good excuse to really run wild, and push it - which i feel like i get to do less and less lately.

just finished it a week ago - but started it almost a month ago. did some sketching, picked a scene, and then i took some photos of myself for reference. i was making noises too, to add to the beleivability. gurp! rrrpt! ullrroollgurpt! then the pencil drawing, which i went tighter than i ever go - right down to the feathering and everything. that was on purpose, cuz then i spread a layer of Matte Medium to embed it there forever. then when i was ready to roll, quite a few other urgent projects came in, so this sat quietly for a bit.
the time for watercolors finally rolled around. there was a lot of standing up while doing this. after laying down the basic colors, i went in with some watercolor crayons and did alot of finger rubbing for effect (blisters, too). nothing like good ole elbow grease.

detail shot

the pencils were still showing thru enough to create a loose effect, and also add some movement and depth. then i hit it with ink. #2 brush. "Mister Potato Head" himself was inked with a mixture of a Sepia Shellac Ink, Yellow Higgins Ink, a touch of Black Star India, and a dash of water. the hands were inked with a mixture of Red FW ink, water, and a touch of Black Star India. no photoshop on this one - straight up.

"Spider Bags & Golden Boys: Tour Of Duty, And Falling Down"

for the tour poster, i wrote out the band info separately, scanned it in, and did a little photoshopping to incorporate it properly. these are two incredible bands - if they're playing by you, see them! NYC may 16th.

next post (i'm gonna rapid fire these out) is the second of the two new illos. gurp! rrrpt! ullrroollgurpt!


thomas pitilli said...

Welcome back to the blog!
I know I already told you I really like this piece, but it's cool to see the detail up. The rubbing with the watercolor crayons gave it a nice texture, makes it look like it might have been done on wood or canvas;something other than bristol. Looking forward to the rest of your rapid fire.

Edwin Vazkez said...

These are AMAZING. I like both the text and non text versions but lean more to the non text because I can see more of your character. I'd love to have a copy.

james flames said...

thanks guys! tom, i think the wood/canvas effect you're talking about was created by the Matte Medium layer. i apply it with a coarse two-inch brush, purposely allowing the extreme streaking which i think is a cool effect and makes for some interesting effects when i paint ontop of it. like you said, it totally makes it look like it was done on something other than bristol paper - and it also makes the paper a little stronger to accept wet media.

edo, i'll send you a print when i get some done up - fo sho!

Edwin Vazkez said...

Really!!! Cool! We'll do a trade....