Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Blind Devotion" + "Kissin' Cousins"

"Blind Devotion"

"Kissin' Cousins"

JAMES - two recent posters for the Grey Eagle, one commissioned from the club, the other from the bands. with the first one, "Blind Devotion", i continued my more recent efforts to concentrate on composition and arranging elements in an exciting and stimulating way, then let the details just happen. but i also managed to return to the recurring themes of dismembered skull-n-bones-type figures (am i overusing this theme? too many skeletons?). if i had alot more time, i probably woulda tried something a bit more elaborate with the lettering of the band names.

a week or so later, Sean of Nevada contacted me about a poster for their show with the Houstons. i knew that both these posters would be hung up in the same places for at least a couple of weeks. so it became my main focus to do something COMPLETELY different. i asked the band if they had any requests - they mentioned a western/outer space theme, but said they trust me to do whatever.

so originally i went with a style that, for me, lends itself much better to full color. but the poster had to be black and white, and i really tried to make it work. i pretty much finished this entire poster in a few hours (see the photo), but after stepping away from it for an hour or so i realized it was essentially a peice of shit.

so back to the sketch book to revisit a few of the other sketch themes i was working on for this particular poster (i had about 6 themes total). i decided on the couple kissing, and then decided to take it back to the 'comic book' style i haven't done in awhile, and also used alot of 'dry brush' to gain depth. thus "Kissin' Cousins" was born.


james flames said...

hmmm, do these suck that bad? negative comments are better than no comments.....

thomas pitilli said...

Yeah dude, this is like the worst shit you've ever done!...Sike! Sorry I wasn't able to comment sooner, I haven't had as much blog time recently. These are pretty sweet! Me and Steph were looking at them the other day and totally diggin the Kissing Cousins poster. We both think that it's that angle that really makes it. The composition also leaves a lot up to the imagination, because the bottom half is a mystery. She thinks they're on a horse, but I don't. Are they? Also, on a technical level, the lines are really nice, and good use of dry brush. It's good to see and old fashion black and white style poster.
In terms of playing out the whole skull theme, I don't think it's something you should worry about. Many great artists have specific themes that they revisit all the time. Look at James Jean or Mike Giant, just to name a couple. This one is totally creepy and very dark, which is cool, although I don't think it's as strong as the Hellsayers one, which is still one of my favorites. I like that it's a very spare composition with heavy blacks. Definitely could be added to yr skull poster collection!

H. Stewart said...

Yeah really you shouldn't have even posted them, at this point you're only embarrassing yourself.

Sike! Love the Nevada poster...and the good part is, you could use it over and over again and just change the thought bubbles. Cha ching!