Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News & Tributes

"Laying The Hammer Down"

JAMES - a few items of note: first, prints of my recent poster for Henry Rollins' show here in Asheville are on sale here - they're high quality digital prints, big 18" x 24", on heavy 100# cover stock. each print is signed and numbered (edition of 95) and they're 10 bux each.

"The Graveyard Shimmy"

also, this week, my Halloween poster for Unknown Hinson had the honor of being awarded "Poster of the Week" from Gigposters.com. hip hip hooray!

lastly, thanks to our friends at Art Burn, i've recently become addicted to Patchblox.com. a great resource for great illustrators and designers - check it out!


H. Stewart said...

Hey, "poster of the week"--congrats! You deserve it; you're the best poster artist I know.

Aurora said...

addicted to patchblox too!

good poster, congratulations!
see you.
un saludo

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice posters !

james flames said...

thanks everybody!