Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sea Creatures vs. Machines

"Eight Arms To Hold You""Plight Of The (Buick) Skylark"

JAMES - two new posters. the requests came in at the same time, so i decided to do them at the same time and integrate them somehow. a very consistant theme in alot of my stuff is water and the sea, so i went with that - and added lots of shredded metal!
and the shows look to be good ones, too, - from NY to NC. both posters are the usual: #2 brush, black india ink ('black star' matte), Tachikawa No.99 nib (a fresh one), some microns, some white paint (my own secret blend), and a toothbrush for the splatter. on bristol paper, vellum finish. the octopus poster had an extra step, since i did a very detailed sketch first, then lightboxed it to a clean pencil drawing (see below). the sharkie was all done on one sheet.

just finished another two posters - this time color. not quite as visually integrated, but they look cool together. i'll post those in a day or two.


thomas pitilli said...

Sick! Yr compositions are getting very interesting. That along with some really great brush work = Nice.Way to go! Looking forward to seeing the others.

H. Stewart said...

The detail of the destruction is impressive!

Edowyn Vazkez said...

The brush lines are amazing. Very cool textures and weight going on in there. Very elegant. Me Rikey!!!!

steo said...

These are great!! I love the octopus poster. The composition is A+.(with a star sticker).