Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And How Was Your Day?

JAMES - a late-nite release to the sketchbook, from yesterday. acrylic, colored pencil, and india ink on paper.


thomas pitilli said...

There is alot of emotion in this sketch. It conveys alot of sadness. The quietness of it really gets through with the washed out pale colors and the spare ink strokes. Nice.
Was this in yr little brown book?

james flames said...

thanks man. it was in that big square sketchbook i have - the one with the really shitty paper. i figure the more i draw in it, the faster i'll finish it up so i can just get a new book with better paper, haha.

on the bottom of it i took my 3 inch brush and ran it across my drawing table to wipe off all the eraser bits and brushed it on the wet paint so it'd stick. so it's real clean on top, and dirty on the bottom.

H. Stewart said...

It's a stylistic departure and a definite success. Agree with Tom, there's a mutedness and a sparsity that evokes loneliness.

Cheer up, buddy.