Sunday, November 11, 2007

N.Y. Visit - part two

JAMES - another great trip back home, and i brought back some souveniers courtesey of my sketchbook and my camera. above are some sketches done at Prospect Park, hangin with Tom and Stephanie (Steph's hood got into the first sketch).

i also got to see my buddy Nate (, and we caught up on life and art. Nate's an incredible animator and designer, check out his site. anyway, on the bumpy train ride home i did a page of my night, both waiting for Nate at Union Square and of our conversation at the diner.

Tom sketching at Prospect Park. whoop whoop.

Hank and I at Washington Square watching Tom's second favorite all-brass street band.

the NYC Marathon also ripped thru Bay Ridge, and i woke up early and snapped some nice shots.

apparently there was some kind of hurrican swirling around Long Island, so the sky over the Verrazanno in Brooklyn was pretty nasty looking.

by the way, Tom is the devil.

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H. Stewart said...

Hey that first sketch in Prospect looks great, especially with the small touch of autumn color.