Sunday, November 18, 2007

Figure Drawing

JAMES - thank god for figure drawing. and even though i probably could be doing more of it, every Monday at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts my arms are allowed to be as free and flowing as they want - no second and third guessing, and lots of experimenting, mixed with applying new techniques i'm becoming comfortable with. these are my favorite drawings from some recent Monday nights. most of them are a mix of charcoal, my trusty Pentel brush-pen, a few grey and black markers, and these Caran D'Ache water soluable crayons that i'm really starting to LOVE.

Sept. 24, "Brett", 15 min each

Sept. 24, "Brett", 20 min each

Oct. 1, "Meagan", 15 min / 10 min

Oct. 1, "Meagan", 15 min / 20 min

Oct. 29, "Ingrid", 10 min / 19 min

Oct. 29, "Ingrid", 20 min / 16 min

Nov. 12, "Meagan", 10 min each

Nov. 12, "Meagan", 20 min each

1 comment:

H. Stewart said...

Glad to know that the mountains still have things like figure drawing classes. The Ingrid ones look best, I think...and the Brett one too.