Wednesday, October 31, 2007


JAMES - another month, another Bold Life cover. this time focusing on the upcoming Asheville Film Festival (get it? 'focusing', haha). it was easy to sink into this one - film and movies brings up alot of imagery, so away i go with some sketches.

i think the second one woulda been really cool, but REALLY hard. the idea was that each film strip would show a sequence of three types of films - like romance, action, & western, or something like that. it woulda been fun since i coulda taken actual scenes from actual movies and altered them slightly. but the first one is the one they chose. and for impact, it's probably the best option.

since the cover was basically a landscape with no figures in it, i decided to try some new tricks with the original drawing so that i can do neat tricks in photoshop. so i drew it out loose, and lightboxed it to a fresh sheet with clean lines (especially for the many folds of film). i decided to only ink the "Asheville" sign, the camera, and the reels on the bottom. otherwise the clouds, film strips, and light beams would remain pencil. for the film, i wanted to keep the lines soft (i used mostly a 6B pencil) so that the outlines would remain somewhat translucent, like real film. for the clouds and light beams, i didn't want actual outlines in the final illustration, so they acted as guides for future photoshop effects (those were with a light, hard lead - 2H i think).

i took as much advantage of shadows within the film and the shadow casting from the camera to create depth. and the clouds were really fun to do - mostly airbrush and motion blur effects. and to keep it as closely authentic as possible to the real "Hollywood" sign, i created a vector image of the 'fence' behind each letter holding it up, and added it in there. the issues were just delivered, but it looks like the printer rushed it and didn't set the levels correctly - there's a tiny green tint to the whole issue. oh well.
next month: bagpipes.
by the way, my latest B&W and Halloween posters are up on my site, if you haven't seen them:

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thomas pitilli said...

Fantastic! I think you really challenged yrself this time with not putting any people in the composition, and in a way it's stronger. Technically it's yr best color yet. When you get up here, i'm gonna pick yr brain about those photoshop tricks.