Sunday, September 9, 2007

Down By The Riverside

JAMES - i've been spending alot of time outside in Asheville, and especially by the French Broad River. there are some nice parks all around, so i bring a sketchbook. trying my best to establish different textures, lighting, depth and convey all the nuances of nature that i can while just using a pen. it's great practice, and it's very relaxing too. the vertical one was really hard, cuz the distance between the wood planks in front and the building in back is really far - i may try that one again. i tried to make up for it by really accentuating the tree hanging in the very front.

there are lots of people around too - great sketching subjects (i'll post that another time) - and lots of them come up and talk for awhile. like yesterday i met a little kid, couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 - his dad says he draws 4 hours a day and already had some stuff in a gallery that he collaborated with someone else. hope he keeps it up.

all the drawings are just with Micron pens (#0.2, 0.5 & sometimes #1). and the paper in this book is super!


thomas pitilli said...

really great texture on these, especially 1 and 3. It really looks like you were locked in in terms of focus. They tell a little story as well as give a sense of where you were, just what a good life drawing should do. It looks like yr putting that pad to good use. Nice compositions too! One question: how was it sketching with the microns. It doesn't really look like microns. Anytime i've ever sketched with them it's been pretty bad.

james flames said...

i've gotten really used to using the #0.2 (or 02 - the really small one), and as long as it's relatively new and full of ink, it works great cuz i can really vary the weight of the line if i let it loose or hit it hard.

what's the ballpoint pen you use? is there any way to get it other than NY Central?

tomorrow night is figure drawing. psyched.

thomas pitilli said...

I'll pretty much use any kind of ballpoint pen. For that short time I was using the "James Jean pen" but that was only 'cause my teacher got them from Korea, I'm sure theres a way of ordering them, i just haven't tried.

H. Stewart said...

You've got a real knack for drawing trees. Who knew?