Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Orange Peel T-Shirts

JAMES - One of my latest projects was redesigning the T-Shirts for the Orange Peel here in Asheville. It was a pretty open assignment - they wanted 2 cool t-shirts (mens & womens), which had to have the name of the club and the names of the musicians that have played there (Bob Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins, Blondie, Arcade Fire, etc.), and they can have a maximum of 3 colors each. Other than that, I was free to do anything.
So i submitted over 14 sketch ideas with sample colors. I tried incorporating an "orange" into most, but the best ones were where i incorporated "orange" and "music". these are a few of the examples.

they liked the last three the best, as did i. i started with the "Cassette" design first. my original plan was to draw them as usual, pen and ink, then scan and color and that's it. so i took measurements of cassettes, got out my rulers and templates, and started drawing. i scanned in the pencil drawing and i changed my mind.

i decided to keep the drawing as reference, and do the whole design in Illustrator as a vector piece. i traced the pencil lines with the vector, and did lots of adjusting and smoothing, and in the end i had perfectly clean lines, which would probably look best on a t-shirt. for the "Loudspeaker" design, i just used my original sketch to trace with the vector, and added some flourishes. i then offered them color options for each design (www.jamesflames.com/orangepeel3.htm and www.jamesflames.com/orangepeel2.htm) - they picked their favorites and we were good to go.
working in vector was really fun and different - i'm very satisfied with how it came out, and the Orange Peel is really psyched with everything. the t-shirts are being printed as i write this, so i'll post photos when they come in.

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H. Stewart said...

They look great; I like the second one especially, very classy. :) Can I have one when they're printed?

For a little self-promotion, the tree roots sketch idea reminded me of the poster I used in my OLD JOY review: