Thursday, July 12, 2007


JAMES - Tom passed on a link of the new R. Kikuo Johnson show, and i got the itchin to do some comic-style stuff again. something about raw ink on white paper, gets me every time. i actually had some time to work on personal stuff, so i ran this off as quick as i could - in preparation for some project i'd like to do soon.
Anyway, it's just a simple exercise, but the reason i'm posting it is to get reactions. so Tom, rip it up. anyone else, too.
And, for the sake of it: #3 Brush and Tachikawa nib, with Black Star ink on 8.5"x10.5" vellum bristol, with a little .02 Micron marker, and white silkscreen ink.


thomas pitilli said...

Looks great! Nice brush work and varied lines, especially for the size. Storytelling is good up until the last panel where i don't understand why the camera is so much larger than the guy. Other than that, can't rip it up too much. Great job!

james flames said...

y'know i didn't even notice that last panel wasn't so clear. what it's supposed to be is the photographer walking away from the camera, so he's kinda way behind it. but i guess the angle doesn't work so much, and i coulda added more smoke between him and the camera.

anyway, you're too easy on me. if you think of somehting later, hit it up.

thomas pitilli said...

I think to make that work, he would either have to be alot smaller or drawn with much thinner lines or a combination of both.

H. Stewart said...

I was also confused by the last panel, but overall I genuinely like it. I liked the use of the old-timey "focus circle" (what do you call it?), sort of like an iris in film, and the disembodied screaming mouth. Hahaha.