Monday, April 2, 2007

Rookie's Delight

JAMES - Last night was opening night for the Mets. The comic is dedicated to Joe Smith, Met reliever who made his first appearance last night. Howie Rose and Tom McCarthy painted the prose, i perverted the rest with my brush. Let's Go Mets!


H. Stewart said...

I thought you were a Braves fan now? I love that second image, with the hand over the face, really expressive and fluid.

Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?

thomas pitilli said...

I like it too, though i am a little confused by what is actually going on. I like the drawings though and the gray tones are nice. Go Yankees!

james flames said...

yeah, this was done as stream of conciousness - it's not meant to read sequentially, which is confusing i know. i had no idea what the next panel would be till i drew it. just needed to blow off steam.

overall tho, it represents a pitcher getting horny about pitching and expressing it blatently.