Sunday, April 8, 2007

Buck Tee

truly a class act.


thomas pitilli said...

They look great! Do I smell royalties?...I want a copy! Remember i'm hobbit hieght, so a xxxsmall will do.

james flames said...

they were very kind, sent me 4 shirts - two adult large and two girlie-t medium. mara's got one girlie and the other i sent to allie (don't tell her), and the other adult large i'm giving to the guy at the club, since he was nice enough to let me sell them there.

sorry bro. maybe you can borrow allie's.

hahaha. oh, by the way - antibalas is playing irving plaza on may 5 (cinco de mayo) - get darren and go!

Jon Sperry said...

That's so cool, what a nice print!

H. Stewart said...

It wouldn't be the first time Tom borrowed Allie's clothes.

The t-shirts look great, that's a nice honor. Maybe you should get into the T-shirt business yourself, a nice complement to the poster business and probably more lucrative. (Everybody, except me of course, wears t-shirts, but not everybody hangs posters! Or so I imagine from my ivory tower.)

steo said...

cool shirt!!.That was a great type solution!!. I also meant to comment on the moaners post but I forgot so I'll do it now: That poster is sick! again I love the way you worked with the type.