Sunday, March 25, 2007

Screen Printing Week #2

JAMES - This was a tuff post to assemble, sorry it took so long. The week that i did all these seems like forever ago (i think the week of March 5th), and since then, alot has happened. The two previous posters sold very well at the shows - the Of Montreal poster is officially SOLD OUT! The Walkmen poster can be gotten at
Anyway, concerning the posters in this post...the Moaners was the easiest - from concept to finished ink drawing was maybe 3hours. At the last minute before printing it, i decided to make the linework a dark blue instead of black. I think it worked out well. The piece is titled "Not Britney", since coincidentally a day after i drew it the pop tart buzzed her head. funny, huh?
The Sharon Jones poster was the hardest. i went thru at least 5 fully fleshed-out concepts, and as you can see in one of the pics, one went as far as a finished ink drawing which was scanned and ready to print, until the last minute I decided to scrap it. The illo is good enough, but the poster wasn't doing anything for me, conceptually or compositionally, and adding color to it was a nightmare. After more concepts and heavy sketching, i came to the 3-D idea. Thank god for google & wikipedia - the next morning i read up on the concepts of 3-D images and how to achieve the effect with Cyan/Red (long story short: RRR = red right receding). The illustration had to be done in 3 separate parts to achieve a convincing three-tier 3-D image.
The two Antibalas posters were definitely the most fun to do. Most times i do coloring in the computer, since it's mostly filling in areas boardered by my black ink lines. But for the Lion poster, i wanted the red color to be 'illustrated', so i laid a piece of tracing paper over the finished inks and painted the red where i wanted it, just so. This way i wouldn't have to do any color separations in the computer. I also used alot of dry-brush technique on the black ink drawing and both that and the reddish color translated perfectly in the final prints. The Zebra poster is my favorite one so far - i'm most proud of the composition. And it's very interpretive (could be an active volcano with red lava letters, or the intended zebra head, etc) and exciting, even though it's incredibly simple.
All in all, i say the prints were a raging success. The rest of the shows begin this weekend, so hopefully they'll sell well (gotta drive 4 hours to get to two of the shows, bummer).


thomas pitilli said...

I really like that lion poster, i think it's my favorite so far. I like the fact that you did the seperations by hand also. So far in my silkscreening i have done all the seperations by hand, one because i can just visualize it better doing it by hand, and two, because i think the effect of hand done seperations add a nice organic quality to the prints, such as the antibalas print. Also that Moaners poster is killer. Theres a different line quality in that one , finner lines, very comic booky. But then theres the zebra one and the Sharon Jones, there really all super impressive, i'm just glad yr sending me some in the mail!

H. Stewart said...

I like the Moaners Poster the best...typical me, typical me I guess. I love the orange, and the opening band eyebrow. Maybe I'll shave my eyebrows and have a message tattooed in their place. (Like, "")

The Antibalas 4/8 poster is pretty cool, but tough to read, and therefore maybe not a great idea for a poster, per se? Eyecatching yet discouraging. (I didn't even notice it was a zebrahead at first! Maybe it's my computer screen but the blues are tough to distinguish from the blacks.)

I love the 3-D idea for the Sharon Jones poster; I wish I had 3-D glasses for it.

james flames said...

it DOES work with the glasses - it's cool!

yeah, the "cat's Cradle" part of the zeba head is kinda tough to read - it's actually more effective from farther away. and the distinguishing of it as a head is meant to be abstract - i guess it's more of an arty, european poster design. they're always more adventurous, and i was doing so many posters at once, i figured to try as many styles as i can. kinda spread out my scope, and my portfolio. either way, i think i'd mix the red and blue inks differently next time anyway.

i'll send you a moaners poster.

thomas pitilli said...

We were just looking at some old hippie concert posters in one of my classes the other day and alot of the gimmick in most of them was that you couldn't really make out what it actually said. I was just overly exagerated letters pushed so close together, but if you look really hard you realize it says Jimi hendrix or janis joplin or something. weird.

H. Stewart said...

Those posters were easy to read, you just had to be on psychotropic-Yasgurs-Farm-brown-acid.

The colors look better on my computer at home. That computer monitor at work is a piece junk, let me tell ya. Anyway, yeah very careful bro, you're in the South.