Friday, March 2, 2007

Dirty Laundry

JAMES - back in NY, the class i was in at the Art Students League had a project where we had to take some piece of clothing and make some art out of it. the idea being that all the submissions would be hung on a clothes line in the school gallery. i completed this my last week in NY (i actually did the illustration part when i was herein NC the week before we moved) and it will be exhibited next week from monday to friday.
there's not much to say about the piece - it's pretty self explanitory. it's very different kinda 'art & crafts' thing for me, but it was fun. the shorts are my own (clean), the red stuff is just tissue paper, and the illustration part is, as always, Black Star ink on Vellum Bristol with a #3 brush, and a little red FW ink.


thomas pitilli said...

It reminds me of alot of the drawings from yr life drawing class in terms of the composition. I like the simple black&white diagonal backrounds, and the ending punchline is pretty great. I'll give you a call either tonite or tomorrow, my phones been kinda wierd.

thomas pitilli said...

Oh, and post those silkscreens as soon as you can, i wanna check them out!

H. Stewart said...

The dab of red on the fingernails after a series of black and white really makes it, for me.