Monday, February 12, 2007

New N.C. Art Studio

JAMES - so now that we're about 85% settled here in Hendersonville, NC, Tom asked that i send some pics of the room i turned into an art studio. and besides the pic up top, here's a link to a quick panoramic video of the room.
youtube link
as you can see, everything is spaced nicely, there's tons of light, and i got big fat speakers in my face to keep me rockin' (or yelling at Mike & the Maddog, which i can still hear online. Mike is such a prick). and Tom, there's plenty of space for you to draw in here too when you visit. and not only that, but there's a bathroom in the room, to the left of the computer - so i never have to leave this place!


thomas pitilli said...

Sweet! The natural light in there looks really great. throw a bed in there and thats basically all the space you had in brooklyn! As i'm writting this it's snowing here in byln and 64 degrees in NC is sounding pretty good right now. You Bastard!

james flames said...

well today rained all day, but it was still about 45 degrees. haha, i don't mean to rub it in, but that was a big reason for the move.

H. Stewart said...

I wouldn't leave NY for all the rainy, forty-five degree days in the world.

H. Stewart said...

By the way, what if Tom & I came down at the same time? Where would I draw? Outside with the animals? Which made me think: do you suppose Jackie thinks that Brian has morphed into Alfred? It's not so far-FETCHED (ha!) because she is a dumb dog.

The room looks nice; I like the copious natural light, too...the most important feature of any room/residence. Looks very homey and lived-in already, you guys work fast. I was jealous, but then I remembered you lived in Hendersonville, North Carolina. :)