Saturday, January 13, 2007

Torn Warning - screenprint

JAMES - well after weeks of experimenting and failed tries, i finished a very nice run of 50 screenprints of my "Torn Warning" poster. my camera is a piece of shit, so most of the pictures may be a little wacky looking, luckily i got to borrow allie's camera for the two good pics (see the top & bottom ones)

anyway, it's white (cream) and black on grey poster board. 22"x14". nice and big. the following pictures show the two films being burned onto the screen, the posters hanging to dry after their respective runs, and the messy table.

so tom (or anyone doing screenprinting), i learned some interesting things this time, that probably everyone else already knows - i patted down the screen with a paper towel soaked in non-amonia windex before the first print, and that kept the screen from clogging; i used corn starch to thinken the ink in the beginning, then let it run a bit more loose once the run got cookin' - plus i kept a ton of ink in the screen at all times; and i put pads underneath the screen on the side opposite the hinges, which kep the screen elevated above the paper equally around - i also sprayed the table under the paper with adhesive and let it dry so it'd be tack-y. both those things kept the paper from sticking to the screen after a pull. the registration is pretty tight, tho not completely consistent.

it's a run of 50, and as soon as i sign and number them, i'll be selling them for $10 (+$5 s/h) - on and thru my site. (UPDATE 1/14: buy them here )

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thomas pitilli said...

Looks great, can't wait to see them in person. I'll try to stop by tonite...those are some great tips and i'll bring them up in class this week. Everybody wish james a happy birthday today!