Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday A.M. Figure Drawing

JAMES - Today was my last sunday morning at the Art Students League. It's been a great way to start the week, bright and early, great great instructor - I usually do some of my best stuff sunday mornings. I'll have to find an activity to compensate for that when I'm in NC.
These are some pages from the day - each based on a 20 minute session full of various poses. We usually start the day with 20 one-minute poses, followed by 4 five-minute poses, 2 ten-minute poses, and then some long twenties. The ones on top are the five-minute poses, just charcoal on paper. the two below are twenty and fifteen respectively. both with charcoal & acrylic on watercolor paper.

I think the composition of all the five-minute poses is interesting - it makes my eye spin around the center. there's alot to look at, as the whole thing flows all around. My instincts serve me well, as most of that is not on pre-meditated. The two color pieces are pretty weak, I'm still feeling out my colors. Today I realized that when i paint recently, I've been mostly eliminating hard blacks and hard whites, using only color to convey everything. Of course that's the main goal, I guess. But Since black & white are such good friends of mine, without them I leave myself stranded and guessing. So today I resolved to incorporate more of what i'm used to with illustration to the painting. I felt more comfortable, that's for sure. Now i just gotta make it look good.


thomas pitilli said...

i disagree, i think the two color pieces are actually stronger than the pencil sketches in this case. I think they have alot of energy in them and i think yr choice of color is very bold and instictive. I also like the last one in terms of line quality, theres alot of bold vs. watered down lines that adds a nice wieght to it.

H. Stewart said...

I don't have a strong background in art criticism so I feel it's difficult to offer constructive insights; I have, however, enjoyed your work as of late because I like naked women. (As you do, too, I see, bordering on an unhealthy obsession.)

Also, does Tom still post on the blog? He thinks he'll keep up his gym membership when he can barely keep up a blog committment? Hahahahahaha

thomas pitilli said...

tom pitilli does still post on the blog, but has been very busy lately working out at the gym so he can kick H.Stewarts ass. Hahahaha