Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ghost of a Dance

JAMES - for my first post......taa daa. this is an illustration i did for my trumpet teacher, kind-of a holiday/thankyou/goodbye gift. the colors are 'absolute matte' paints watered down to a wash, and my favorite 'black star' india ink, on good ol' bristol with vellum finish, 8"x10".

as usual, i started with loose pencils - minor photo reference for the dancing pose and for specific shape of the euphonium.
and then tracing paper over the pencils for the color study, using markers.
...then to the lightbox and onto the final image. i glued it into a pre-cut black matte i bought at pearl, and i put a piece of acetate over the artwork to protect it. i think it looked pretty good, and i hope he digs it.


thomas pitilli said...

Looks great! Nice color, and i'm glad you posted yr process. I can't wait to post something!

james flames said...

thanks. i actually think the tracing paper version came out better, even tho it's sloppy, it's more loose and the face is better. but i'm gonna do another one for someone else, so i'll get a second crack at perfecting it.
post something!!!!

Jon said...

Thats really cool, I especially like the texture of the green/yellow color background. I always enjoy discussing process too, so thanks for that. I'm sure the mounted/ protected version looked awesome.

H. Stewart said...

I think you should use markers more often, they have a great effect. Although the final product looks fantastic.

james flames said...

thanks guys.
hank, that's very wise. will try.